• February 1–3, 2019
  • Friday-Sunday: 2 nights

Opening the Heart Joy of Living Meditation Workshop

For experienced meditators (see note below).

Discover how meditating on loving-kindness and compassion can open your heart to the world around you and relax tendencies that lead to anxiety, dissatisfaction, and suffering. Cultivating loving-kindness and compassion helps you to see the basic goodness that all beings share. By relating to others in an open-hearted way, you bring peace to the mind and develop a sense of confidence and purpose. This, in turn, naturally brings harmony to your relationships and enables you to work with challenging situations more effectively.

This meditation program includes video teachings by Mingyur Rinpoche, short presentations on the key points of meditation practice by Kell Julliard, along with guided meditations and discussion. You learn how

  • Positive mental states like love and compassion can be cultivated through meditation
  • Ordinary experiences, difficult emotions, and physical pain can be transformed into sources of empathy and compassion using meditation.

Note This retreat follows Calming the Mind: Joy of Living Meditation Workshop, and is open to those who have attended Calming the Mind, as well as those who have practiced meditation regularly for at least three years.

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Opening the Heart - Brief Intro by Kell Julliard


Kell Julliard has taught Joy of Living programs in New York City, Chicago, Montreal, and West Virginia as a facilitator for the Tergar Meditation Community.

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