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Own Your Feminine Power A Moon Club Retreat

Are you ready to step fully into the life of your dreams? A life that feels totally in alignment with who you are in your core, so you can bring your unique gifts to the world?

Then it is time to reclaim and fully own your feminine fire with authors, teachers, and long-time collaborators, Ruby Warrington and Alexandra Roxo. Too often, we believe that being “successful” means suppressing our empathetic, intuitive, feeling selves, in favor of a more linear, logical way of being. But this disconnect is what often leads to stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Ruby and Alexandra’s signature program has helped hundreds of women tap back into their feminine power, and redefine success on every level—in career, in love, and in relationship with their bodies. During this truly transformational weekend, you discover

  • How to use astrology to identify and amplify your unique gifts
  • The power of storytelling to heal and realize your full potential
  • Embodiment techniques to live with your whole body, heart, and soul
  • Rituals to help you find your voice
  • Daily spiritual practices to keep you on track.

Join us and craft an existence that’s 100 percent aligned with your soul purpose!

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Yoga Experience
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Women Only
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Personal Growth


Ruby Warrington is an author and thought leader whose work has spearheaded a global movement to reevaluate our relationship to alcohol.

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Alexandra Roxo is a transformational coach who uses the power of storytelling and embodiment to lead women toward transformation and self-healing.

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