• April 7–9, 2020
  • Tuesday-Thursday: 2 nights

A Passover Journey to Freedom A Pilgrimage for Body, Mind, and Spirit

For everyone.

This Passover, experience a mindful Jewish ritual that honors the earth, the rhythms of nature, and the cycles of contraction and expansion that reside in all of us. As we transition from winter to spring, from slumber to rebirth, Jewish tradition offers wisdom and ritual to embrace this moment, open the heart, and expand consciousness. WHAT YOU’LL EXPERIENCE
  • Passover Seder
  • Music and chant
  • Jewish mysticism and contemplative practice

Through ritual, music and chant, meditation, and mindful eating, Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman expertly weaves together Jewish mysticism and mindfulness. You dive deep into the spiritual wisdom embedded in the themes of Passover. Come discover the deeper meaning of “freedom” in your own life as you explore liberation and experience a meaningful and powerful Passover Seder.

Return home with an expanded heart, renewed enthusiasm and a sense of connection and grounding.

Wednesday, April 8th, 6:00–9:30 pm
Admission: The seder ritual and meal is open to all in-house guests, the general-public, and families with children. Space is limited. ($15 in-house guests; $25 general-public.)

“Rabba Kaya’s classes are a unique blend of traditional wisdom and modern thought. [She] is truly a master teacher.”
—Helen R.

“Rabba Kaya [has] found the formula to make a lasting impression on one’s soul. Thank you for allowing me to share in this sacred prayer community.”
—Aaron H.

Program at a Glance

Yoga Experience
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Program Theme
All Spiritual Practice and Inquiry


Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman, founder of Rimon: Resource Center for Jewish Spirituality, is a Fellow of CLAL’s Rabbis Without Borders and alum of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality.

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