• July 19–24, 2020
  • Sunday-Friday: 5 nights

The Path of Self-Love Training Teaching Others to Love Themselves

For everyone, including therapists, educators, wellness and healthcare practitioners, coaches, yoga teachers, and parents interested in personal growth.

Lack of self-love is often at the root of our struggles in career, school, relationships, body image, health, money, and happiness. Do I love myself? is not a simple yes-or-no question. An overfocus on self-esteem—which is only one aspect of self-love—is causing much of the duress we see in our clients, patients, students, and children. There are, in fact, 10 branches of self-love, beyond self-esteem, that together create a strong inner foundation.

It’s one thing to talk about self-love or share tips, but how can you guide someone to love themselves in a way they can understand? Stacey Hoffer and Lea Guthrie show you how to teach others to build up their inner foundation and end self-sabotaging patterns. In this program, you learn to

  • Teach the 10 branches of self-love and articulate them in grounded ways
  • Assess where others are weak and strong in self-love to create a clear path for your work with them
  • Make connections between lack of self-love and current life struggles
  • Offer techniques that transform negative self-talk
  • Connect people with their heart and soul desires.

Return home with templates, daily practices, and creative exercises that can fit any gender, age, circumstance, or situation. When you empower others with tools that touch the heart, they learn to source love, confidence, and clarity from within so that lasting transformation can occur.

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Recommended reading and listening Christine Arylo, Madly in Love with ME: The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend and Madly in Love with Me: Self-Love Meditations (CD). Check out other resources.

Note Tuition includes a handbook with teaching templates and exercises, a journal, and a copy of Madly in Love with Me.

“This program has really helped me to articulate self-love in different ways to the people I work with: teens, moms, women, and men. I know exactly how to apply each of the 10 kinds of self-love to focus on what needs nourishment and attention, in my life and in my work.” — Kali B., EFT practitioner, former grade school teacher

“Transformational, empowering and enlightening. This is the best course to get the knowledge and skills to bring more self-love into the lives of those you serve, love, and lead, including yourself.” — Graduate of Path of Self Love Trainin


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Stacey Hoffer is a transformational self-love teacher and coach, founding director at The Path of Self Love School, feminine wisdom mentor, and strong advocate for raising children to love themselves.

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Lea Guthrie is a personal development coach, self-love guide, and feminine wisdom mentor.

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