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Positive Psychology Coaching Skill-Building Intensive

For everyone, including aspiring, new, and experienced coaches.

Develop fluency and confidence in the steps, skills, and techniques used to help people successfully pursue their goals for positive change in life, work, health, or relationships. This blended-learning course has both online and on-site components. Starting online through the Wholebeing Institute, you’re introduced to the research and concepts that form the basis of Positive Psychology Coaching, including the CHANGE approach to clarifying and pursuing positive goals, and the SPIRE model of well-being. Then you spend five days on-site at Kripalu, putting those concepts to work through expert demonstrations and extensive one-to-one peer coaching, as you practice the skills and make real progress toward a goal of your own.

When you return home, you remain engaged online, connected to the Wholebeing Institute’s coaching community. Through continued engagement and practice, the new skills become habit, making positive conversations the norm in professional and/or personal settings, and helping clients reach their goals in enlivening and uplifting ways.

Note This skill-building on-site program is the companion course to Wholebeing Institute’s online Positive Psychology Coaching Course. The online component of this program is facilitated by Wholebeing Institute. While each program is designed with the other in mind, students who have not taken the online portion are still welcome in this one. Each course works well as a stand-alone program.

CE Credits This program is approved for ICF credits (Core Competencies: 20.5; Resource Development: 3.5). If you are interested in ICF credits, please inquire to the presenters directly.

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Lynda Wallace, MBA, is one of the country’s most highly sought-after coaches and teachers, and author of the best-seller A Short Course in Happiness.

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Megan McDonough is CEO of Wholebeing Institute, an educational organization committed to helping people live life to its fullest.

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