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From Possibility to Perseverance Mindset and Motivation for Empowered Living


It can be difficult to tap into what inspires us to move in the direction of our dreams. If you are finding yourself discouraged easily, fearing making mistakes, or downplaying your abilities, it's time for a mindset makeover.

 Join psychologist, educator, and experienced yoga teacher Diane Malaspina and learn how to access more motivation and interest, align with your deep values, and attain the life you desire to live. Through lecture, yoga, meditation, self-discovery exercises, and more, Diane will guide you to

  • Recognize patterns of mindset and motivation that may be holding you back 
  • Bring increased awareness to explanatory style to serve your well-being and functioning 
  • Gently reexamine challenging past events and reorient your perception to achieve post-traumatic growth 
  • Create a goal stack with specific steps for short-term attainment
  • Identify and live from a values-based approach.

Growth mindset is about stretching yourself to learn something new. As we engage with life, we become more comfortable with challenge, recognize areas for growth, and seek out strategies to improve. Return home with enhanced motivation and emotional involvement, the ability to envision possibilities, and the skills to develop plans for realizing your goals.   

Included in Your Stay

Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Diane Malaspina is a psychologist, university educator, and experienced yoga teacher. She is a regular contributor in publications such as Yoga International, Yoga Journal, and Thrive Global.

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