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The Power of Love

The need to love and be loved is hardwired into the human soul. We can use practices such as meditation, yoga, self-inquiry, and sacred study to heal and cultivate the power of our hearts, freeing our inner being so that we can more fully see and embrace the world around us.

In this program, David Harshada Wagner helps you break through whatever is holding you back from living a joyous, purpose-driven life of loving service. Through powerful group discussions, guided meditations, and embodiment exercises, you explore

  • The secrets to deep, sustained meditation
  • Sacred study, prayer, and energy cultivation
  • How to raise the vibration of your mind and clear emotional blockages from your heart
  • Ways to maintain the benefits of this practice in daily life.

Let the heart-opening inner practices of yoga take you into the depths of your being as you cultivate the power of love.

Note This program does not include physical yoga practice; you are encouraged to enjoy Kripalu Yoga classes between program sessions.

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All Spiritual Practice and Inquiry


David Harshada Wagner is a meditation teacher, spiritual leader, and author of Backbone: The Modern Man’s Ultimate Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power.

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