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The Power of Modern-Day Spell Casters

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Breaking through spells can change your life. While few people ever imagine they might be under a spell, the truth is, we all are. What exactly is a spell? A simple definition is that a spell is a suggestion, a fear, an unrealistic or outrageous idea, or a high-voltage romantic encounter that eclipses your reasoning power. People “cast” spells believing that a ritual using the elements of the earth—fire, water, oil, and the like—can in some way influence the forces of fate. The power of a spell resides in its capacity to ensnare you in the belief that an entirely new way of life will be activated if you do (or don’t do) a very specific thing, get involved with or leave a certain someone, or stop believing a single fear or superstition.

While you might think that spell casters belong to another era, the truth is they are more prevalent and powerful than ever. Not only do they fill the media airwaves, but you might be unconsciously participating in casting a spell through how you talk to friends and family. How do you know if you are under a spell? Assume that you are. Then the challenge becomes recognizing how many spells you are under and how to break free.

This weekend, Caroline Myss presents ways of identifying spells and spell casters, as well as recognizing when you are slipping into the role of spell-casting. Explore how to discern if you are under a spell, how to break free, and how to prevent yourself from falling under the power of social, political, financial, and even medical spells in the future.

An invitation from Caroline Myss.

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Caroline Myss is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of medical intuition and a New York Times best-selling author.

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