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Practice Yoga with Integrity and Embrace Yoga’s Roots


This August, join Susanna Barkataki for her first in-depth online workshop around her new best-selling book, Embrace Yoga's Roots. Designed for yoga practitioners of all levels—from beginners to established teachers—this four-week course is designed to help you deepen your practice, and embody your passion to become an empowered yogi for yourself, your students, your organization, and your community.

Through guided instruction, yoga practice, courageous conversation, journal prompts, and dhyana (meditation), you will

  • Get tools, resources, and a framework to inspire global empathy, respect yoga, and avoid causing harm by saying and doing the wrong thing or appropriating without intention.
  • Confidently take action steps to bring authentic yoga deeper into every moment of your life, home, studio, work, or organization, and be empowered to make a difference.
  • Learn how to integrate your personal values into your practice without disrespecting ancient yoga philosophy. 
  • Explore key practices to deepen your yoga, create equity, and make the impact you’re here to create by learning, sharing, and embodying the roots of yoga for personal and social transformation.

As healers, teachers, educators, and yogis/yoginis, we have our work cut out for us right now. With a community of practitioners, join a healing space to authentically feel and express our emotions, to learn, share, release the pressure, allow the nervous system to settle, and breathe deeply as we recommit to skillful action. Leave with a blueprint for yoga practice and action!

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Session One Separation: Yogis, Power, and Privilege

Session Two Reflection: Yogis and Cultural Appropriation

Session Three Reconnection through Action: Appropriation to Appreciation with Creativity

Session Four Liberation: Yoga Ethics in Action Right Now

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