Heidi E. Spear

Heidi E. Spear, MA, ABD, is an author, workshop presenter, and Kripalu Yoga teacher who was on the Kripalu R&R Retreat faculty from 2008–2015. She also served as the relaxation specialist at The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. Heidi writes for 1440 Multiversity and coaches businesses and individuals in stress management, meditation, and mindful leadership. She holds graduate degrees in comparative literature and performing arts from New York University and Washington University in St. Louis, and she studied and worked at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London. Heidi is author of The Everything Guide to Chakra Healing and Ayurveda Made Easy, and coauthor of 5-Minute Mindfulness: Simple Daily Shortcuts to Transform Your Life.

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  • Camping in the Dark

    I have never slept outside. I’ve had a fear of camping since childhood. But since I’ve begun studying Ayurveda—the health system that is the sister science to yoga—I’ve become fascinated with my relationship to nature.

  • The Yoga of Shakespeare

    Why has William Shakespeare’s work remained popular throughout centuries and across continents? It’s because his plays reflect the human condition.