Megan McDonough

Megan McDonough is the General Manager of RISE at Kripalu and the cofounder of Wholebeing Institute. Megan’s mission in her work (and in her life) is to harness the highest and best in people for the greatest good. From her senior leadership experience in healthcare, two decades as a yoga practitioner and teacher, and as the director of numerous online learning start-ups, Megan helps people move from point A to point B through whole-person engagement. She uses divergent thinking and creative perspectives to lead, and is the award-winning author of four books on mindfulness.

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  • What Is Happiness?

    If we're going to answer the question of what makes us happy(er), we first have to ask a much more basic question: What is happiness?

  • Thinking Body, Feeling Mind: How Yoga Can Help Shape Our Emotions

    You know this to be true: Yoga improves your emotional state.

  • Love, Front and Center

    There’s a tendency to think of the brain as the control room of experience. But what if the heart held secrets for tapping into the brain?

  • Aspirational Coaching: Reaching Toward Your Highest and Best

    What does it take for a coach—or anyone for that matter—to be at the top of their game? What does it take to continually make choices that develop you as a person and as a professional?

  • The Yoga of Money Management

    More than 35 million Americans practice yoga. Many turn to it to improve strength, balance, and flexibility, as well as to reduce stress. But it’s a safe bet that not many people turn to yoga as a way to stick to a budget.

  • Living the Science of Flourishing

    If we want to flourish, we can’t just think ourselves there. We need to become a walking expression of what we want to experience by engaging our bodies in the pursuit.

  • Moving Into Happiness

    It’s embarrassing to admit this, but I’m a yoga teacher who dislikes exercise. To be more precise, it’s the thought of exercise that turns me off, because I...

  • Befriending Your Resistance

    While I still encounter my own resistance, I’ve gotten better at recognizing and working with it.

  • Kripalu Perspectives: Absolutely Positive, with Megan McDonough

    Listen in and enjoy inspirational thoughts from Kripalu faculty and invited presenters—leading teachers, writers, and thinkers in the fields of yoga, health, and personal growth.