Paul Foxman

Paul Foxman is founder and director of the Vermont Center for Anxiety Care, a private psychology practice and therapist training center in Burlington, Vermont. He has more than 40 years of experience as a psychologist in a variety of settings and is the best-selling author of Dancing with Fear, The Worried Child, and The Clinician’s Guide to Anxiety in Kids and Teens. He is also coauthor of the Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders casebook. Paul travels internationally to teach on the topic of anxiety and stress, and he has appeared as an expert on radio and television. He has taught more 600 top-rated workshops during the past 25 years, and has delighted audiences in all 50 states and the Canadian provinces with his knowledge, clarity of thought, sense of humor, and interactive teaching style.

“I enjoyed Dr. Foxman’s depth of knowledge and I learned a lot. His sense of humor made the day. His down-to-earth humility and unselfconsciousness were quite refreshing.” —Counselor, Chicago, IL

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