Vidya Carolyn Dell'uomo

Vidya Carolyn Dell’uomo is a Kripalu founder, 36-year teacher, and direct recipient of Swami Kripalu’s teachings. A pioneer of Kripalu’s yoga teacher training, mentoring, and self-discovery programs, she also founded and directed its international and outreach networks. Vidya’s current worldwide workshops, coaching, and consulting focus on the heart and human spirit. Her clients include European artists, Middle Eastern executives, American couples, and yoga teachers. With graduate study at the Syracuse University School of Social Work and advanced yoga certification from the Lakulish Yoga Institute in Kayavorohan, India, she has studied in the United States and India and holds degrees and certifications in social psychology, Gestalt therapy, bodymind therapy, management, and yoga science. Her CDs include Meditations on Self-Love, Meditations on Spiritual Loving, and The Soul of a Teacher.