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Proprioceptive Writing and Yoga

For all levels; no writing or yoga experience needed.

Yoga frees the body; Proprioceptive Writing® (PW) frees the mind. Moving slowly and gently on the yoga mat releases blockages and invites a sense of freedom to the body. Likewise, when you slow down at the writing table and inquire into your own thoughts, you are liberated from limited perspectives. Together, these practices can change tired and stuck ways of being—both in how you think and in how you feel.

Through discussion of the PW method, gentle yoga, and writing practice, Kim Chandler shows you how to

  • Free up your creativity
  • Build self-trust and confidence
  • Cultivate concentration
  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Feel both energized and relaxed.

The quiet of winter is a perfect time to slow down, turn inward, and explore the intersection of body and mind.

Note This program occurs during Contemplative Week—a week of programming to soothe the mind and body, and renew your connection to yourself. The week includes silent meals and quieter spaces. Explore Contemplative Week at Kripalu.

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Kim Chandler, E-RYT, a former Kripalu resident and associate director of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association, is a facilitator trainer for Proprioceptive Writing® and owner of Innerlight Center for Yoga & Meditation.

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