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Qigong and Herbs for Depression

For everyone.

While there are many causes of depression, mild to moderate symptoms can easily be eliminated with the specific medical qigong practice and herbal/nutritional support that alternative healthcare practitioner Deborah Davis offers in this program.

Depression has grown exponentially in our society, along with the use of antidepressants which sometimes only mask the underlying disorder. Ancient Chinese doctors were among the first to acknowledge that the mind, heart, and emotions impact a person’s health. They observed that blocked or lingering emotions could hinder organ function and even cause disease. In this program, learn a daily qigong practice, herbal remedies, healing sounds, mudras, and meditation that have helped hundreds of patients in Deborah’s clinic go off depression medication.

Return home ready to reawaken ease and joy in your life.

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Take Women’s Qigong for Joint, Bone, and Pelvic Health July 8–13, 2018 with Qigong and Herbs for Depression July 13–15, 2018 and save $69.50; please call to register.

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Deborah Davis, LAc, is an acupuncturist, medical intuitive, and specialist in women’s qigong who has practiced alternative medicine for more than 30 years.

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