• August 20–25, 2017
  • Sunday–Friday: 5 nights

Qigong and Tai Chi Easy Master Stress, Enlighten the Mind, and Tap Universal Energy

For all levels.

Feel the qi! You can thrive at the pinnacle of your physical, emotional, and spiritual potential by tapping into qi—universal/divine energy, life force, or prana.

Ancient yogis and qigong masters discovered that gentle body movements, paired with focused breathing and mind centering, are a magic formula to neutralize stress, heal disease, create supreme personal energy, and access inner peace. Qigong is a practice to help you purposefully refine the connection between your energetic and neurologic self.

This transformational program explores ultra-accessible Tai Chi EasyTM and the Nine Phases of Qi Mastery—a profound qigong method for experiencing your ultimate nature, or personal alchemy. Explore the miracles that occur through qi cultivation and then experience the Tenth Phase—transmitting qi—to empower and heal others.

Recommended reading Roger Jahnke, The Healing Promise of Qi .

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