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Qigong for Cleansing Zhang Fu Gong

For everyone.

Explore a graceful and empowering form of qigong that has supported tens of thousands of people worldwide in their health and healing goals. Practitioners have reported a long list of health benefits from this practice, including clearer skin, improved elimination, lung function, and blood oxygen levels, increased energy, balanced weight loss or gain as needed by the body, greater flexibility and physical balance, better coping skills under stress, and increased joy for life.

In this program you,

  • Practice Qigong for Cleansing daily, deconstructing the form into its key components
  • Discuss how qigong and traditional Chinese medicine theory relates to the five elements
  • Learn to use qigong to clear the energy body while strengthening the physical body
  • Experience exercises that develop self-awareness and empowerment
  • Receive nutrition recommendations for gentle, effective cleansing and detoxification to reduce inflammation and revitalize energy.

This training can be taken by everyone as a personal health retreat with no prerequisites. Students seeking instructor certification need to have taken a minimum of 150 hours of study with Daisy Lee or another certified qigong teacher prior to the program.

Recommended viewing Qigong for Cleansing (DVD).

Note Tuition includes a printable study guide. Students taking this program for instructor certification must be able to capably demonstrate the form at the end of the program. Certification trainees must also complete 100 days of personal practice following the program and submit a journal summary noting effects and impact of the practice on their personal health and well-being. A signed, printable instructor’s certificate will be sent by email after completion of the 100 days of personal practice.

Special Savings!
Take Qigong for Cleansing, June 10–15, 2018 with Qigong for Rejuvenation, June 15–17, 2018 for a 10 percent tuition discount for each program; please call to register.

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Daisy Lee is the founder of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, an empowering system of self-care taught by women for women.

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