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Releasing Intergenerational Baggage An Experiential Immersion in Family Constellations

Identify the deep, subliminal forces at work in your family using Family Constellations, a window into the landscape of your family of origin and ancestral community. Patterns in place for a lifetime can be unlocked as powerful resources emerge to support new possibilities for change.

Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations process teaches

  • How what you do, who you love, and how you feel may be linked to historical events in your family
  • Why dilemmas in your family are also the wellsprings of your resources
  • How unresolved issues with parents become central to your navigational compass
  • What role your ancestors may play in expanding the field of your potential
  • How images can imprison you or set you free.

Recommended reading Bert Hellinger and Gabriele ten Hovel, Acknowledging What Is—Conversations with Bert Hellinger, and Suzi Tucker, Gather Enough Fireflies.

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Suzi Tucker, author of Gather Enough Fireflies and a leading figure in Family Constellations, has created a unique approach to claiming a “right to write.”

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