On Campus Program

Resilience Training for Therapists Overcoming Your Triggers

For mental-health professionals.

Prepare yourself for the inevitable challenging moments in your work as a therapist through this resilience-building training that teaches you to

Do interactive practices designed to increase your ability to be mindful of in-the-moment awareness and non-attachment to the outcome of your sessions.

  • Tune into your triggers and increase awareness of what activates your flight, fright, or freeze reflex in therapeutic sessions
  • Use specific eye positions to anchor “resource states” into your neurophysiology when you are at risk of being triggered
  • Ground yourself and get back on track in a session through breathing and somatic exercises
  • Identify personal/clinical strengths and challenges in the realm of attunement to self and client.

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Lisa Schwarz, MEd, is a Pennsylvania state-licensed psychologist, consultant, and international educator working in private practice in Pittsburgh,...

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