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Revitalizing Health with Lymphatic Yoga

For all levels.

Lymphatic Yoga® is a profoundly healing approach that harkens back to the true origins of yoga and health. Because lymphatic fluid is not pumped by the heart, it can become sluggish and retain toxins, triggering diseases in the body. Lymphatic Yoga counters that tendency, working directly with the lymphatic system, now considered one of the body’s most important networks.

Lymphatic Yoga employs specific posture sequences and breathing techniques to optimize the movement of lymphatic fluid. Students throughout the world proclaim it a miracle method for otherwise frustrating conditions of the body. Learn how the lymphatic system and Lymphatic Yoga hold the keys to sound health, a clear mind, and connection with your one true spirit.

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Edely Wallace, E-RYT 500, CDT, MLD, BA, is a master yogi, teacher trainer, lymphatic expert, Vedanta researcher, founder of Lymphatic Yoga®, and owner of Yogamatrix Studio.

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