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Satsang with Mooji Kripalu Live-Stream Weekend Retreat

For everyone.

Mooji is a beloved spiritual teacher whose profoundly simple, clear, and direct pointings to Truth have ignited in the hearts of thousands of seekers worldwide. In Satsang, which means “a gathering in Truth”, Mooji introduces the direct path to freedom through self-inquiry and the Invitation, which is proving to be one of the most effective aids for true and lasting Self-discovery. In this unprecedented retreat, Mooji is live-streamed from Portugal and offers Satsang solely to the community onsite at Kripalu in an intimate live event.

What You’ll Experience
• A high quality, real-time, two-way live broadcast
• Mooji’s timeless presence and guidance
• Mooji engaging with and answering questions from participants

Satsang is for those longing to discover who or what they are at the deepest level, and in whom the urge to be free is alive and compelling. Mooji guides, challenges, and responds to questions with wisdom, love, humor, and searing honesty. Through his presence and pointings to Truth, the unfading love, joy, and peace that so many are searching for are revealed to be our very nature and Self. Participating in a retreat with Mooji is a living invitation to all who are called to discovering this timeless Truth.

This is a unique and profound opportunity to be fully absorbed in the presence and spirit of Satsang with Mooji. For him, there is no distance, no separation, and he sees absolutely no hindrance or disadvantage to awakening by being in Satsang in this virtual way.

While this is not a completely silent retreat, there are plenty of opportunities for marinating in Being throughout each day while enjoying the Kripalu’s grounds, lakefront property, and daily yoga classes.

Retreat Guidelines

Participating in a retreat with Mooji is an opportunity to be immersed in the spirit of Truth. This environment is not for the merely curious, but for those with a sincere and wholehearted commitment to self-discovery. If you are intending to participate in this retreat, it is essential to watch these important videos: An Invitation to Freedom  and A Simple and Profound Introduction to Self-Inquiry.

These guidelines are in place to facilitate your awakening. Therefore, by attending this retreat, you agree to the following:

  • Approach Satsang with the understanding that it is not a casual event—it is for those earnestly seeking self-realization in this life.
  • Remain inside the Satsang Hall until the Satsang is finished. This is out of respect for what Mooji is offering to all of us.
  • Be on time. If you arrive after Satsang has begun, you may not be able to enter the space.
  • Present questions to Mooji in a simple, open, and honest way. Avoid sharing personal stories, but come as though this is your only opportunity for freedom. Please understand and respect that it is only during Satsang that Mooji invites questions—he will not receive questions afterwards.
  • Although it is not a silent retreat, it is recommended to move quietly with your attention resting inward. Avoiding activities such as socializing, using phones, or the internet during the retreat to ensure that the attention is not pulled outward but remains in the heart’s energy field.
  • Please note that there is to be no recording (audio, video, or photos) by program participants at any time during the program. Please do not bring cameras or cell phones into the program room.
  • Wear modest clothing; avoiding tight, revealing, or transparent attire.
  • Refrain from using intoxicants or recreational drugs for the duration of this retreat.
  • Satsang Retreats are not a replacement for any therapy or other medical treatment or diagnosis. If you are currently receiving or have previously received any medical treatment or therapy for issues related to mental health, this retreat may not be suitable for you. Therefore, for those with a history of serious mental health conditions, it is not advisable to attend this retreat without ensuring it is reasonably safe to do so. Please check with a healthcare practitioner about whether attending the retreat is suitable for you at this time. More information can be found here.
  • By attending this event, you agree to have your image and voice recorded and possibly used for the sharing of Satsang on DVD, mp3, and on the Internet. All recorded material will be used to serve Satsang only. Images of all individuals will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect. Please note that all participants will be required to sign an additional  Release & Waiver upon check-in.

Retreat Schedule
The retreat begins on Friday evening with a live-streamed Welcome Meeting with Mooji. There will be two live-streamed Satsangs on Saturday and one on Sunday. Music from the sangha will also be offered during the weekend. As the focus of the retreat is Satsang, it would be best to book Healing Arts appointments well outside the range of the daily Satsang sessions. It is also highly recommended that you arrange plenty of quiet, contemplative time and space for yourself prior to and after Satsang, which will be of utmost importance to allow the pointings to settle deeply inside your heart.

Note Get 20 percent discount off housing when you sign up with a Sangha group of 10 or more. Please contact Registrations to set up a group or to register as part of an established group at 800.741.7353.

Nothing in existence can overcome you when you know who you truly are. This discovery begins to unfold as your mind enters your heart. Satsang is the discovering space. Welcome to Satsang. Mooji

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Mooji is a spiritual master whose presence, wisdom, and loving guidance points people to who they are beyond the limitations of conditioning and identity. mooji.org

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