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A Seeming Stillness Becoming a Separate Self While Learning to be Selfless

Join David Whyte for a scintillating yet easeful look at how to balance the ability for rest with the necessity for action. Through the revelations of poetry and the poetic tradition, you investigate the bold, sometimes courageous, always robustly vulnerable and sometimes painful steps in bringing our seemingly interior states out into the world.

Dive deep into the struggle between internal choice and self-discovery and the need to achieve in the outer world. In this immersion, David explores the ways in which humanity demands the development of a real identity at the edge between the self and the world, how we need to be and what we need to be, and, especially, between the ground beneath our feet and the far horizon to which we go.

Return home with tactical approaches to bring this stillness into your work, relationships, and continuing self-development.

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David Whyte, author of nine books of poetry and four books of prose, is a speaker who. brings his poetry to large audiences throughout the world.

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