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Self-Love Recovery and the Codependency Cure

For everyone.

People are irresistibly drawn to one another by unconscious forces that Ross Rosenberg calls the Human Magnet Syndrome. In this program, Ross takes you through a deeper exploration of codependency and its origins in trauma and shame. To solve codependency, you must understand that it is merely a symptom of more fundamental psychological forces. Ross’s work in The Human Magnet Syndrome explains the “what” and “why” behind codependency. Now, it’s time to explore what to do next.

Ross redefines and reconceptualizes codependency as Self-Love Deficit Disorder™ (SLDD). Together, you work through

  • The causes of SLDD: trauma, core shame, pathological loneliness, and SLDD addiction
  • Ross’s Ten-Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment Model™
  • How to set boundaries with narcissists while escaping from narcissistic, abusive predators
  • Techniques to shift from being in self-love deficit to self-love abundance.

This engaging, entertaining, and informative immersion provides hope and optimism for those with codependent tendencies—you might even experience some aha moments along the way.

Recommended reading Ross Rosenberg, The Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent Narcissist Trap

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The Codependency Cure


Ross Rosenberg, MEd, LCPC, CADC, a psychotherapist, author, trainer, and developer of Self-Love Recovery™ and the Codependency Cure™, is a recognized expert in the fields of codependency, narcissism, gaslighting, and sex addiction.

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