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The Shaman’s Apprenticeship, Session One

For everyone.

Become an effective and accomplished shamanic practitioner in this apprenticeship program with Dory Cote. Session One begins with learning or renewing shamanic journeying skills and accelerates quickly into the exploration and performance of the advanced healing methods of our global indigenous ancestors.

Under the guidance and instruction of Dory Cote, this program includes

  • Shamanic extraction (removing negative energy that interferes with body, mind, emotional, or spiritual well-being)
  • Ways to energetically protect yourself
  • Ancient drum healing rituals
  • Performing power animal retrievals for others
  • Learning how to ask the spirits questions to gather reliable and accurate guidance for yourself and others.

Explore how you can work with the energy of trees and other local, living beings and celebrate earth, air, fire, and water in ceremonies, healings, and the empowerment of your sacred tools. Forge meaningful and trusting relationships with your power animals and other helping spirits as you drum, dance, chant, sing, create art, and connect with the spirits of the land at Kripalu.

Note A certificate of completion will be provided to students who complete Session One and Session Two, to be offered September 30–October 5, 2018. The program includes two conference calls and Dory’s group mentorship between sessions.

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Dory Cote, a nationally known shamanic teacher and practitioner, has been teaching shamanic healing ceremonies at venues throughout the Unites States for 20 years.

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