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The Shaman’s Apprenticeship, Session Two

For everyone who has completed Session One or had prior training in shamanism.

Discover how to create and sustain a shamanic practice that is effective, gets results, and serves your clients’ needs as well as the greater good of all beings.

The first part of this program is spent exploring and practicing advanced shamanic methods of communicating with the dead, including how to work with grief, exploring where human souls go at death, and practicing an ancient ceremony that leads suffering spirits into a place of peace and growth.

Then, with Dory Cote as your guide, you learn and practice the ancient Celtic ceremony of “soul hiding,” and other Sami and Celtic healing ceremonies that restore vitality and power. Learn to communicate with your personal shamanic ancestors and join in a community Peruvian despacho ceremony to express gratitude to your ancestors and the Earth.

In preparation for practicing transfiguration and healing with spiritual light as taught by Sandra Ingerman, Dory gently leads you through the personal soul work of making peace with your shadow. Following this preparation, you practice these profound healing ways, building the light energy of the cosmos to heal yourself, your clients, and all beings. The final evening of the program, Dory and her assistants lead the Power Dance, a modern-day expression of channeling spirit through song and dance.

Note A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who complete both Shaman’s Apprenticeship sessions. If you have not taken Session One, please contact Dory at dorycote@gmail.com prior to registering to see if this program is appropriate for you.

Recommended reading Sandra Ingerman, Awakening to The Spirit World and Walking in Light.

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Dory Cote, a nationally known shamanic teacher and practitioner, has been teaching shamanic healing ceremonies at venues throughout the Unites States for 20 years.

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