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Shine Your Life Love, Mastery, and the True Self

For everyone.

Within you is a potent spiritual presence of infinite guidance, wisdom, and love. This presence is your own higher Self who grounds you in your inner mastery and knowing, guiding all you are and create.

Living from your higher Self, relationships are illuminated, problems are more easily resolved and divine inspiration enlightens your life. You discover a deep trust in the living presence of Spirit within you, directing all you do.

In this program, you learn to

  • Live in a high vibrational state
  • Identify as your divine Self, the “I Am” presence
  • Heal across time to uplevel the present
  • Use consciousness and thought to reshape your outpictured life
  • Attract vibrant relationships that resonate with who you truly are.

Dynamic spiritual teaching, inspired poetry, rich group experiences, and deep community create an uplifting program experience.

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Christine Warren, a spiritual life coach and speaker, was a founding member of Kripalu and has taught transformational workshops nationally for 40 years. She is the author of Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings.

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