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Simply Well for Women

For all women.

This innovative program offers modules on epigenetics, nutrition and supplements, environmental influences, movement, intuition, and sleep, paired with experiential exercises that leave you with ideas to cultivate greater health and vitality. Designed to empower women to learn and share evidence-based tools for well-being, this program invites you to discover how simple, sustainable actions can have a big impact on your day.

Kathleen Mueller and Gigi Dunn, two physicians trained by Dr. Andrew Weil, used all they learned in two decades of clinical and life experience to create Simply Well for Women to reflect both cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom.

Join us today for a healthier tomorrow. Return home ready to live every part of your day in a healthier, more meaningful way.

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Program at a Glance

Yoga Experience
Suitable For
Women Only
Program Theme
All Health, Fitness, and Wellness


Kathleen N. Mueller, MD, is medical director for the Center of Integrative Medicine at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Gigi Dunn, MD, is an Integrative Medicine specialist, board-certified anesthesiologist, and physician educator passionate about the links between consciousness and health.

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