• April 23–26, 2019
  • Tuesday-Friday: 3 nights

Simply Well for Women in Healthcare

For women in medicine.

In whatever healthcare role you serve, you are likely experiencing the increased demands of a system in rapid transition. Epidemic levels of burnout and loss of meaning are driving many healthcare professionals to leave their calling. How do we address this national crisis and also support the unique challenges that women in medicine face?

How you choose to use your precious moments directly influences your well-being and that of those you love. A new foundational plan for health, built with small, sustainable, easy-to-implement changes for your daily routine, is part of the solution to save healthcare and those who work in the field. From its solid base in science to the more spiritual side of finding meaning in the practice of medicine, Simply Well for Women in Medicine was designed by medical doctors Kathleen N. Mueller and Gigi Dunn as a fusion of science and soul. While work on a national level to change healthcare continues, we can each address our personal response to this challenge.

Supported by Kripalu’s nourishing environment, Kathy and Gigi share simple, sustainable actions that can have a big impact on your day, including

  • Cutting-edge science on epigenetics, nutrition, supplements, environmental influences, movement, intuition, contemplative practices and sleep
  • Experiential exercises that are paired with each module to reinforce the messages
  • Cultivation of stillness to rediscover your mission in the midst of great change.

Return home feeling renewed, with enhanced creativity and having connected with a new support system of women in healthcare. When we approach life from a place of health and well-being, we are able to lead the transformation in the culture of medicine at a systemic level. As a result, healthcare institutions begin to reflect an atmosphere of healing for providers and patients alike. Join us today to save healthcare tomorrow!

Note Bring a journal, walking shoes, and your questions.

“An all-encompassing course for people to make a change in their lives. A mandatory, compelling, life-shifting program that should be taught in schools!” —Past program participant


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Kathleen N. Mueller, MD, is medical director for the Center of Integrative Medicine at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Gigi Dunn, MD, is an Integrative Medicine specialist, board-certified anesthesiologist and physician educator passionate about the links between consciousness and health.

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