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Slow Yoga and Qigong Relax and Restore

For all levels; no yoga or qigong experience necessary.

Embrace the new year refreshed! Nourish your vital energy, calm your mind, and practice living in the moment with a wise and loving heart. Experience the bliss of deep relaxation through restorative yoga, guided imagery, and attention training. Explore qigong and learn to move with ease, grace, and freedom while remaining rooted and centered.

This program includes beginner-friendly meditation; a morning and evening qigong sequence that improves posture, balance, stamina, and longevity; and Yin Yoga to enhance flexibility and relieve chronic tension in the spine, hips, and low back. To cultivate harmony with the natural world, we offer a brief outdoor meditation and qigong practice. .

You leave feeling energized and in the flow, with a daily practice you can sustain at home.

Program at a Glance

Yoga Experience
All levels
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Program Theme
Restorative Yoga


Ken Nelson, PhD, a leader in mind-body practices, Kripalu Legacy Faculty member, is dedicated to transforming the ways we serve and lead through yoga-inspired learning.

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Lesli Lang has a background in theater and performing arts, and two decades of experience assisting Fortune 500 executives to communicate their message more effectively.

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