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Soft White Crane Qigong

For all levels.

Soft White Crane Qigong is a graceful and beautiful system with a long reputation in China for building robust health and longevity. By focusing on the spine and torso, the crane movements help to develop and maintain a strong, supple upper body and flexible spine.

In this program, you learn

  • The Soft Whip, a foundational spinal movement for flexibility
  • Warm-up exercises for loosening joints, stretching muscles, and massaging the internal organs
  • “Pre-Flight” practices to open the joints in the arms and hands
  • “Flying” patterns that can be done standing, rocking, stepping, or circle walking, to send qi or vital energy through the body to nourish different meridians and internal organs.

Just as the crane comes down to rest upon the earth, these exercises also improve your ability to feel grounded, rooted, and centered.

Recommended reading Jwing-Ming Yang, The Essence of Shaolin White Crane.

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John C. Platt holds a teacher certification from the Santa Cruz Chi Center and a Level III Advanced Instructor Certification from the National Qigong Association.

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