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Somatic Psychology Conference

For mental-health professionals, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and everyone who wants to experience the psychology of their bodies.

The United States Association for Body Psychotherapy presents a conference on somatic psychology—a discipline that combines somatic, psychic, and interpersonal dimensions. Treating the body as a source of wisdom, this symposium presents four distinct body-mind therapies within the field of somatic psychology: Hakomi, Focusing, Embodied Couples Therapy, and Rubenfeld Synergy.

Conference topics include

  • Ways to become conscious of what’s being held in your body
  • The implications of working in a somato-psychic model as a client or clinician
  • Various styles of somatic psychotherapeutic practices
  • How somatic psychology techniques are different from traditional counseling and talk therapy
  • What this field and these practices can do for you and your clients.

Discover what your body is trying to teach you and experience the gifts of somatic psychology for your life and work.

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Sunday Evening Opening Session

The Power of Presence
Beth L. Haessig

The extent to which we are present in our bodies is the extent to which we reside in reality. Using the techniques of various somatic modalities, Beth L. Haessig opens the conference by exploring the experience of presence as the critical ground that supports the holding of clients in their own bodies.


Contacting Brilliance: An Introduction to the Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy
Jaci Hull

The Hakomi Method is a potent, deep, and holistic modality, and a uniquely effective approach to therapy. It nourishes both client and therapist with embodied self-awareness techniques and a deeply attuned healing relationship.

Learn simple techniques that are powerful, effective, and supported by current neuroscience research in a workshop that teaches how

  • Loving presence exponentially enhances the success of therapy
  • Mindfulness becomes an effective therapeutic intervention
  • Mindful, body-centered techniques uncover unconscious events that impact current beliefs and behaviors
  • Embodied integration leads to profound changes in life and relationships
  • The Hakomi Method supports the reclamation of inner wisdom, organicity, and brilliance.

Experience Hakomi and learn new skills that can be integrated with many healing modalities.

Recommended reading Ron Kurtz, Body-Centered Psychotherapy: The Hakomi Method; Greg Johanson and Ron Kurtz, Grace Unfolding: Psychotherapy in the Spirit of the Tao Te Ching.


Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change
Ann Weiser Cornell

Focusing is a body-based process that has been linked with successful outcomes in psychotherapy. Focusing allows breakthrough moments to occur that integrate the emotional brain and body in the present moment. Learn to facilitate Focusing sessions that help your clients connect with hope and possibility.

This workshop is designed to help you

  • Distinguish felt senses when they occur naturally
  • Learn the difference between a felt sense and an emotion
  • Construct an empathic prompt to help clients stay with a felt sense
  • Facilitate felt sensing in clients who intellectualize, tell stories, and have trouble feeling their bodies.

Recommended reading Ann Weiser Cornell, Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change.


Embodied Couples Therapy
Brian and Marcia Gleason

Working with couples can be daunting. In this workshop, Brian and Marcia Gleason introduce an exciting and novel approach to engaging committed couples in an embodied context. Through presentations and a variety of hands-on experiences, you learn how to

  • Understand and work with the shared energy field
  • Discern the four levels of interactive consciousness (reactive, reflective, mindful, and embodied)
  • Use somatic interventions including Leading by Following and Catalyzing
  • Break the reactive styles of couple interactions when each partner is in sympathetic arousal
  • Explore the energetic use of self in couples work.

Return home with practical tools for helping couples break free of deadening habits and work with the powerful emotional reactions that committed partners inevitably encounter.


Rubenfeld Synergy Method: The Healing Synergy of Talk and Touch
Joe Weldon

The healing power of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method (RSM) lies in its use of gentle touch and vibrant talk. This unique combination helps clients heal from the pain of trauma as well as the pains of everyday existence. Through the synergy of talk and touch, RSM explores the connection between what’s going on in your client’s body and what’s happening in their life. Gentle touch allows access to the body’s story and vibrant talk illuminates its meaning.

This workshop teaches you to

  • Guide clients in listening to body wisdom
  • Identify ways your client’s body can be a resource for healing
  • Explore body phrases that elucidate client challenges and issues
  • Recognize how intention informs touch.

Through experiential exercises and hands-on demonstrations, discover how to listen to the body and feel the power of this work in your hands.

Recommended reading Ilana Rubenfeld, The Listening Hand.

Friday Morning

Integration and Grounding
Beth L. Haessig

After experiencing four different modalities in four days, this is a rich time to process all that you have learned. The closing session involves breaking up into groups for integration and self-inquiry so you can return home grounded in the power of presence and the power of the body.

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