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Sound Affirmation to Recalibrate the Brain

For all levels

As your tongue strikes your upper palate, a spark is ignited. The vibration of mantra comes from stimulating the glands and re-establishes a healthy communication in the body and has a positive effect on brain chemistry. This profound effect is similar to the input via a keyboard into a computer. It can conquer depression, enhance intelligence and intuition, and open you up to the power of compassion.

This program is a must for yoga teachers and healthcare providers. It provides greater insight into the science of NAAD (the essence of all sound) and gives an experience of how to command the mind for greater self-control and, ultimately, self-autonomy.

Mukta Kaur Khalsa and Jocelyn Johnson teach you how to

  • Use sound-affirmation therapy to recalibrate habitual patterning, blocks, and memories
  • Practice Kundalini Yoga, meditation, deep relaxation, and breathing exercises to strengthen the nervous, glandular, circulatory, and digestive systems, which are directly affected by substances, stress, and outside sensory distractions
  • Have fun and learn to adjust your own level of vibrancy.

Recommended reading Mukta Kaur Khalsa, Meditations for Addictive Behavior and Healing Addictive Behavior.

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Mukta Kaur Khalsa, PhD, director of SuperHealth® and author of Meditations for Addictive Behavior and Healing Addictive Behavior, trained personally with Yogi Bhajan for 30 years.

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Jocelyn Johnson (Suchas Kaur), APRN, has 25 years of clinical experience in conventional and alternative treatment for mental-health issues and addictions, and serves as a trainer for SuperHealth.

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