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Spirit Camp

For children ages 7–12. Scholarship eligible.

With a unique and powerful approach to integrating mind, body, and spirit, this program teaches children how to nurture their inner and outer worlds and empower themselves in difficult situations. Eva Goulette designs each experience and activity to give children the tools they need to become well-balanced, authentic individuals. She draws from ancient wisdom traditions and present-day holistic practices that lead to a deeper awareness of self and spirit.

Using experiential learning as a vehicle for connection, Spirit Camp includes

  • Storytelling, crafts, activities, games, and time in nature
  • Working with chakras and chakra stones, auras and dowsing rods, shamanic journeying and power animals
  • Drumming, affirmations, creating sacred space, and ceremony.

Children leave Spirit Camp with a greater sense of connection to themselves, others, and all that is.

Note Children in this program must be accompanied at Kripalu by a parent or adult who is registered for a program or R&R Retreat. Kids meet for morning and afternoon sessions while parents are in their programs. Families are together at meal times, in the evenings, and overnight.

Program at a Glance

Yoga Experience
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Family and Kids
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Eva Goulette is a shamanic practitioner with a natural gift for working with children and a passion for teaching children how to empower and nurture themselves.

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