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Spiritual Healing for the Healers of the World

For healers of all traditions and practices.

Access a deeper understanding of your correct place and posture in relation to self, spirit, and service by entering what Ron Young calls the Greater Spiritual Field of Life. Call forth the imbalances that may have arisen as a result of holding the posture of the “strong one” in your work with others. Ron teaches you to embrace, process, and internally regenerate through the movement from God, Spirit, and Self in relation to pain, anguish, guilt, shame, or a sense of failure you may carry on behalf of those you’ve served. Through this work, you enter into a process of internal reorganization that empowers you to realize your Greater Service to Life.

This immersion includes daily meditation, in-depth explorations, spiritual healing, and advanced Spiritual Healing Constellations that Ron developed in conjunction with Dr. Bert Hellinger, the father of Family Constellations. Ron encourages you to enter directly into the greater love, wisdom, and power through which each of us has taken the incarnation.

Ron has studied with healers of many traditions, including Hilda Charlton, who he considers his “root teacher.” He has no set technique, focusing instead on bringing each person home to his or her Spirit-Soul within through a patient and gradual unfolding founded in the Power of Love. He welcomes traditional healers, physicians, psychotherapists, educators, artists, researchers of truth, and all who are called to this training designed to develop the gifts spirit has endowed you with for this incarnation.

Recommended reading Hilda Charlton, Saints Alive (available through hildacharlton.com); Bert Hellinger, Loves Hidden Symmetry; Kyriacos C. Markides, The Magus of Strovolos.

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Ron Young is a spiritual guide, healer, and creative visionary whose work is the product of a lifetime of investigation into the nature of reality and thousands of hours of guided spiritual development.

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