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Stand in Your Power A SomaSoul Healing the Emotional Body Workshop

Stand in your power as you explore and integrate the energy centers of your pelvis and legs. Your potency, creativity, and aliveness live in the pelvis, and life can present challenges that rock our foundation and cause us to lose ground. We all need resources and healing processes to regain our foothold. 

In this workshop you

  • Feel your embodied pelvis and legs and unlock their power through SomaSoul® Somatic Yoga
  • Heal the emotional pain that is held in your pelvis and legs through dynamic body-based expressive arts processes
  • Release blocks in your pelvis through qigong and dance
  • Expand your capacity to listen to others while staying grounded and rooted in yourself.

Land and ground in your birthright to exist with vitality so you may live an empowered life.

SomaSoul: Somatic Therapy is a training program that aligns your personal growth with your professional development. You learn a powerful modality that brings mindfulness, creative expression, and healing to the emotional body. These programs can be taken individually for personal development or as part of a larger training to become a SomaSoul Practitioner or Registered Somatic Movement Therapist.

Special Savings! Receive 10 percent off the entire series when you sign up for all four modules prior to the first training. Call to register.

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Dan Leven, RSMT, MPC, a Kripalu faculty member for more than 35 years, trains Registered Somatic Movement Therapists through his Shake Your Soul® and SomaSoul® programs.

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Heather Bilotta, RSMT, is a Kripalu YogaDance® teacher, Shake Your Soul® instructor, SomaSoul® practitioner, and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist.

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Sage Brody, MPC, RSMT, a dynamic and inspirational Shake Your Soul® teacher and SomaSoul® Somatic Therapist, is a faculty member at Kripalu and the Leven Institute for Expressive Movement.

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