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Stop Stopping Yourself and Become Unstoppable

For everyone.

We stop ourselves from fulfilling our dreams and creating the lives we desire all the time. If you’re not pursuing a rewarding career, healthy relationships, and financial security, not fulfilling your purpose and passion—or don’t even know your purpose or passion—then you are stopping yourself without even knowing it. But now is the time to commit to radical self-care and become unstoppable!

Join Vincent Genna to manifest what you desire in this life. Through guided meditations, group and individual work, and exercises to open your intuitive abilities, you learn

  • The destructive mechanisms that are keeping you from evolving to your highest potential
  • How mindfulness can bring awareness to these unconscious blockages
  • The three A system—Aware, Acknowledge, Affirm—to transform and release resistances and illusions
  • How to unlock your true purpose, passion, and brilliance.

Come gain the knowledge and insight you need to enhance the quality of your life.

"[This program] enabled me to finally understand how knowing what drives me and other people on this planet can change one’s life. I [received] the knowledge and understanding to truly forgive those that have hurt me, understand why others behave the way they do, and [learned] a sure-fire method for remembering how to get out of my own way.” —R. C.

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Good Morning La La Land with Vincent Genna


Vincent Genna, MSW, has more than 37 years of experience as a spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, psychic medium, and mystic healer who hosts a weekly radio show, Stop Stopping Yourself!, on Unity Radio.

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