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From Stressed to Safe Tools for Turning on the Relaxation Response

For everyone.

Your nervous system doesn’t know the difference between a real threat and an imagined one. While it’s natural for the brain to constantly monitor its surroundings to see if you are safe, today’s fast-paced environment can cause the body to stay in a heightened state of vigilance even when no danger is present.

Gain a practical understanding of the effects of stress and learn tools that help turn off the fight-or-flight response and uplift your health and well-being. Arturo Peal presents a multidimensional view of the human body and shows you how to undo the stress response through

  • Therapeutic yoga, breathing, and grounding practices
  • Ways to improve sleep and nourish the body’s rest and recovery cycles
  • Meditations on feeling safe
  • The art of taking breaks.

Recommended reading Clyde W. Ford, Where Healing Waters Meet: Touching the Mind and Emotions Through the Body.

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Arturo Peal has spent more than 20 years inspiring and educating yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and movement specialists through trainings in anatomy and kinesiology.

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