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The Subtle Body A Meditation and Yoga Retreat

For all levels.

Discover how bridging practices of body and mind can open the doorway to nondual wisdom. In the yogic traditions of Tibet, the body and mind are understood to be inseparable. On the tantric path, this union of mind and body is gradually realized through working with the subtle body, which contains energies that are naturally free, wakeful, and profoundly wise.

Cultivating subtle body energy has the power to liberate you from suffering, help you develop unconditional acceptance, and open you to resilience and healing. Using meditation and yoga, Lama Willa Miller teaches you how to experience the four kayas, or layers of embodiment, that unleash the body’s power to enlighten. Her unique view and practice can help you explore movement and meditation as core principles of a profound spiritual path. 

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Lama Willa Miller, PhD, a teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, is the founder and spiritual director of Natural Dharma Fellowship in Boston.

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