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The Transformative Power of Ego Relaxation The Way of Grace

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If you struggle to triumph over your ego and yearn for a saner, wiser, and more spiritually elegant way to move through this world, there is another way—a way of grace. Grace is the ground of your who you are, the love that sustains you, the power that transforms you, and a radiant way of being. It reconnects you to the brilliance that you are, bringing boundless love and freedom alive. 

Known for her depth of presence and refined capacity as a guide into direct experience of the sacred, Miranda Macpherson teaches you the practices of ego relaxation and surrender, showing you how to

  • Move beyond fear, separation, control, and judgment
  • Cultivate trust, patience, humility, and joy
  • Cross over into true identity
  • Embody grace in daily life.

Through holistic self-inquiry, devotion, meditation, and rich teachings, your ego fixations can unwind, freeing you to be a more potent embodiment of love, clarity, and peace.

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What Is Ego Relaxation?


Miranda Macpherson, author of The Way of Grace and Boundless Love, and founder of OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation and the Living Grace Community, teaches an integrated and feminine approach to nondual realization.

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