• July 23–28, 2017
  • Sunday–Friday: 5 nights

Trauma, Body, and the Brain Restoring the Capacity for Rhythm and Play

Trauma is not a story of what has happened in the past. Overwhelming experiences continue to be lived out in heartbreak and gut-wrenching sensations. This leaves survivors feeling unsafe, on edge, ashamed, and shut down. Healing can only occur if survivors can learn to restore a sense of safety and reclaim a loving relationship with themselves.

Discover how the brain is shaped by experience in this program that explores

  • What neuroscience teaches about self-awareness and trauma
  • The nature of human attachment
  • New psychotherapeutic treatments that help integrate traumatic memories
  • Body-centered approaches for dealing with trauma.

These techniques help people come into the present moment and shift out of fear, numbing, and hyperarousal. This allows them to resolve traumatic memories and promote mastery over the post-traumatic legacy of constriction, disconnection, and loss.

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