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TriYoga The Prana-Inspired Flow of Yogasana, Pranayama, and Mudra

For all levels.

Experience the joy of TriYoga! Create a greater flow of prana with this seamless, fluid yogaflow® of dynamic, sustained asana unified with pranayama and mudra. Awaken the spine, feel the energy flow, and create heat in the body to release deep patterns of tension. Yogini Kaliji weaves together yogaflow and prana vidya—breathing practices, concentration techniques, and meditation—with jnana, the timeless truth inherent in yoga philosophy. Kaliji will be assisted by senior teachers with music by Mercury Max.

Kaliji is an internationally renowned yogini and founder of TriYoga, which is taught in more than 40 countries by more than 1,500 certified teachers. Kaliji’s presence, her mastery of the flow, and the ageless wisdom inherent in TriYoga have inspired and transformed countless lives.

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Yogini Kaliji (Kali Ray) is renowned as a yogini and founder of TriYoga®. Guided by kriyavati siddhi (kundalini manifesting as yoga), she has developed a...

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