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Unshakable Presence Liberating the Love and Wisdom of Your True Nature

For everyone.

Imagine being held within an embrace of unconditional love that offers total support for you to go within, listen to the wisdom of your soul, and address the important themes of your life. This program offers a powerful inner journey through and beyond the ego habits of fear and control, to contact the unshakable ground of your true nature—the love, stillness, intelligence, and peace at the core of your being.

Through a potent synthesis of self-inquiry, meditation, devotion, and psychological wisdom, you learn how to

  • Open more substantially into your own direct experience
  • Practice ego relaxation
  • Dissolve the roots of fear and inadequacy
  • Turn everyday struggles into gateways for deeper wisdom
  • Connect to the stream of inner nourishment and peace
  • Find deep spiritual integrity.

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All Self-Discovery


Miranda Macpherson, author of The Way of Grace and Boundless Love, and founder of OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation and the Living Grace Community, teaches an integrated and feminine approach to nondual realization.

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