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Unwrap Your Spiritual Gifts Are You a Psychic, Medium, or Healer?

For everyone.

The universe has provided you with spiritual gifts. Have you discovered yours? If you’ve ever wondered what gifts you have, questioned your perceptions and intuition, or felt called to do spirit work, but don’t know which path to take or where to begin, this program is for you. Master medium, spiritual teacher, and best-selling author James Van Praagh helps you learn what you are called to do while on this earth.

Through discussion, guided meditations, and mystical teachings perfected over three decades, James takes you on a life-changing journey to enhance your unique psychic, medium, and healing gifts.

Whatever path you’re on, this program gives you the confidence, tools, and knowledge you need to express your unique spiritual gifts. Return home with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to shine your newly discovered light on the world.

“If you’re on the path you’re meant to be on, everything falls into place; the universe is telling you that. If you are not on the right path, you will experience roadblocks along the way, and this is also the universe telling you to stop, look, and ask if this is where you are supposed to be.” —James Van Praagh


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James Van Praagh, recognized as one of the most accurate spiritual mediums working today, is the best-selling author of Talking to Heaven and his latest, The Power of Love.

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