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Using the Zodiac as a Guide to Wellness Your Body and the Stars

For everyone.

Discover your personal connection to the cosmos and how to use your natal chart to express your most authentic, vibrant self. From head (Aries) to feet (Pisces), the entire zodiac lives within you, forming a blueprint of innate strengths and susceptibilities, as well as a guide to lifestyle practices that can nourish and enliven you.

Along with an in-depth exploration of astrological wisdom and history, this program includes

  • Custom-tailored tools to access the energies of the zodiac and support well-being
  • Lectures, breakout sessions, movement, meditation, and outdoor experiences
  • Activities aligned with zodiac signs, including sacred dance (Scorpio), a nature walk (Taurus) and relaxing by the lake (Pisces).

Join physician Stephanie Marango and astrologer Rebecca Gordon for an intimate dialogue about your body, the stars, and yourself. 

Required reading Stephanie Marango and Rebecca Gordon, Your Body and The Stars: The Zodiac as Your Wellness Guide.

Note Natal charts will be provided for all participants, and birth information (location, date, and time of birth) will be requested after registration. Please bring comfortable clothing to move in.

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Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT, a graduate of Stanford University and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, is a physician and educator specializing in bio-energy medicine based in New York.

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Rebecca Gordon, a renowned New York City astrologer, author, and columnist at Harper’s Bazaar, helps people align with their life path and purpose.

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