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What’s an Old Soul Like You Doing in a World Like This?

For everyone.

Old souls—people whose many incarnations have taught them the value of peace, truth, love, and understanding—can feel distinctly out of place in today’s world of materialism, inequality, and selfishness. In this environment, you might struggle to understand who you are and why you are here. You may feel that it’s not safe to speak your truth or reveal your authentic self.

During this program, psychic, award-winning author, and Oprah Soul Series guest Ainslie MacLeod offers tools and strategies to survive—and thrive—in these trying times. Gain tools to help you

  • Overcome blocks to manifesting your soul’s desires
  • Embrace your old-soul values
  • Gain clarity around your life purpose
  • Go forward with confidence.

This interactive program of profound spiritual empowerment uses past-life regression, spiritual affirmations, and manifestation exercises to help align you with your soul’s deepest goals and apply what you learn to transform your life.

“Ainslie MacLeod is at the frontier of exploration into the soul and its profound influence on our physical selves.” —Dr. Mehmet Oz, surgeon, author, television personality

"In just a couple of sessions, Ainslie truly changed the course of my life. What a blessing!" —Martha Beck, best-selling author

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What’s an Old Soul Like You Doing in a World Like This?


Ainslie MacLeod is an internationally acclaimed past-life psychic, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author who specializes in exploring past lives to reveal your life’s purpose.

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