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Yoga and Buddhism for Resilience

For all levels.

Access your innate resilience with the time-tested methods of yoga and Buddhism. Showing up fully for each task—breathing, asana, mindfulness meditation, walking meditation, and contemplative writing—is your path toward resiliency.

Learn to expand your comfort zone, mentally, physically, and spiritually as you explore

  • A three-step technique for mindfulness meditation and a realistic home meditation practice
  • Stretching and basic yoga movements you can easily integrate into your life
  • Contemplative writing as another method of working with monkey mind
  • How meditation and yoga can transform negativity into positivity
  • Deep relaxation and renewal
  • Taking refuge in your own body.

Cyndi Lee invites you to recognize when you are spinning in place and practice simple “yoga snacks” that support you in getting a fresh start. Return home with a renewed sense of nimbleness and confidence, with new tools to help you show up fully for everything your rich and varied life has to offer.

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Cyndi Lee, founder of OM Yoga, is the first female Western yoga teacher to fully integrate yoga asana and Tibetan Buddhism in her practice and teaching.

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