• August 23–28, 2020
  • Sunday-Friday: 5 nights

Yoga Biomechanics Stretching Redefined

For yoga teachers with at least 1 year of yoga experience.

Classical asana meets the latest scientific research in this training led by Jules Mitchell. Building on her Science of Stretching curriculum, this expanded program approaches asana from an orthopedic perspective, evaluating the benefits and answering many questions about stretching.

Jules applies foundational concepts of biomechanics to both active and restorative postures and dives into the physiology and behavior of biological tissues and how they adapt to repeated mechanical stresses. In this program, you

  • Experience how to best achieve desired tissue change in asana through manual adjustments, purposeful prop placement, and the concept of co-contraction
  • Gain confidence using postures as therapeutic and assessment tools both in your practice and private sessions
  • Learn to question common cues and popular buzzwords to avoid ambiguous or unnecessary instructions.

This program also unwraps the extraordinary potential of neural and chemical adaptations, proprioception, and cellular biology. Develop a deeper understanding of the hows and whys of postures in a program that covers stretch tolerance, resistance stretching, isometric and eccentric loading in asana, increasing end-range performance, alignment, stress, strain, and time-dependent outcomes, breathing mechanics, neuroplasticity, proprioception, and interoception.

Note This program is eligible for 23.5 hours of CECs. Information about how to apply for credits will be provided by the presenter after you complete the program. There will also be a brief homework component where you learn to critically evaluate a yoga-related scientific study to assess methods and outcomes and determine its practical relevance to teaching. Please bring a journal, either electronic or paper.

“Since taking Jules’ training, my teaching has been flipped on its side … favorite phrases I’ve adopted from her: “it depends” and “question everything.” It’s been an incredible journey, and one I cannot wait to continue to explore. Thanks Jules for all you’re doing to foster inquiry and sustainably strong practices!" —Melissa S.

“Jules teaches with a genuine love for the yoga practice and a passion for research and science. Instead of just borrowing ideas from the ancient tradition, she seeks and shares progressive, researched-based knowledge and encourages her students to question commonly learned theories. Her teachings have helped me open the door to endless possibility with great trust and confidence."—Lisa M.

This program may be taken as part of Kripalu’s 1000-Hour Yoga Teacher Training or as a standalone program.

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Jules Mitchell, MS, CMT, RYT, is a yoga teacher, educator, and massage therapist who blends yoga and biomechanics to help teachers develop their craft.

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