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Yoga, Dance, and Drumming A Celebration of Embodied Spirit

For everyone; no experience required.

Many of our ancestors danced and drummed to receive healing and guidance. Join this experiential program to tap into the exuberant joy and profound healing of rhythm, movement, and rest. The combination of the ecstatic celebration of Afro-Cuban music and dance with the reflective relaxing aspects of yoga offers a powerful opportunity for freedom.

In this program you

  • Learn how to locate and stimulate archetypal energies in the body and psyche essential for wholeness
  • Experience and explore these energies through both yoga and Afro-Cuban dance and spirituality
  • Drum and sing to open to the door to Spirit
  • Unwind, release stored tension, and deeply renew through restorative yoga and deep relaxation.

Ronnie, Lizzie, and Kimberly are known for their enthusiastic and passionate presence. Come, dance with the spirits!

Program at a Glance

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Lizzie Salsich is a yoga teacher, spiritual director, and community organizer based in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Ronnie Roc is a multipercussionist, keyboardist, and producer, steeped in the rhythms and history of African, Brazilian, Haitian, and Afro-Cuban music.

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Kimberly Phillips is a healer, dancer, and choreographer with more than 10 years of training in Cuban and Haitian folkloric dance.

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