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Yoga for Emotional Balance and Beyond A Curriculum for Human Growth

The World Health Organization states that by the year 2030, depression and anxiety will be one of the biggest health problems on our planet. How can we change this trajectory and live more fully and deeply? At this time in history, emerging research in neuroscience can reshape our paradigms for healing. And when we integrate this research with practices from yoga, mindfulness, integrative psychology, and body-based therapies, we create a blueprint for emotional balance and optimal living.

Psychologist, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and author Bo Forbes draws from her extensive experience in mind-body medicine to help you

  • Identify limiting paradigms and belief systems
  • Access your own bio-available resource for change
  • Empower the three key body systems that build resilience
  • Learn tools to regulate empathy, create healthy boundaries, improve relationships, and more.

You are nourished by an extraordinary community as you integrate reflective practices, breathing exercises, postural adjustments, mindful asana, restorative postures, connective tissue work, and powerful therapeutic tools that create the building blocks for embodied awareness.

You will have five days on-site with Bo Forbes, followed by open access to a rich online program of course content and community to support and deepen your learning and practice for many months to come.

Note This program will be filmed. All students will be required to sign a release and consent to being recorded.

Tuition $1,299 plus $75 technology fee.

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