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Yoga, Life, and Happiness

For all levels.

According to Rina Jakubowicz, we each hold the formula to a successful, joy-filled life—we just need to learn how to access it. The ancient teachings of yoga can help you tap into that lasting happiness. This dynamic program presents

  • Practical tools you can use on a daily basis to combat difficult moments.
  • Ways to increase your energy and sense of purpose.
  • Yoga poses practiced in a whole new light, with an awareness to keep you inspired and practicing even after you return home.
  • Accessible yoga terminology to make life simpler and clearer.
  • The power of community and friendship.

Return home with a personal plan for living the life you’ve always imagined.

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Rina Jakubowicz, founder of Rina Yoga, is a bilingual yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, motivational speaker, author, and television host.

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